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April 5, 2020




Preparing for the funeral of a loved one is definitely not a happy occasion. It isn’t surprising really that people hesitate to do anything extravagant for a funeral. But if you truly loved the person who left for the heavenly abode, you would want to appreciate him/her in front of others. What better occasion of doing so than the funeral or memorial service? Everyone who knew, loved, honored and respected the deceased will appreciate your gesture. So how do you go about planning a funeral?

The first thing you should do is prepare a funeral program. A funeral program is a printed document most often in the form of a pamphlet, brochure or order of service that is handed over to the attendees of a memorial service. The program not only has the key points of the service but also illustrates the achievements, successes and life chronicle of the deceased person. A funeral program is one of the best ways to inform every attendee of the person you loved and how much he/she mattered to you.

Funeral Programs Design

Designing Funeral Programs

While a funeral program might seem a very good idea, implementing it and making one ready in a short period of time isn’t quite so. Luckily you can readily find funeral programs design online which should would help you have your program ready within a few minutes. However, knowing a few things in advance never hurts. Here we shall be discussing how funeral programs should be designed, what tools can be used, what things you can include in the program list – basically give you a quick tip on funeral programs ideas.

Editing The Photos

The first thing you will need to consider while designing a funeral program is the image you will use. Not only do you need to be mindful of the image you use (of the deceased person) but you also need to consider the aesthetics of it. We understand that you may not always have a perfect picture of the person and that is all the more reason why you should be editing the image to perfection. A few things you should keep in mind are

  • Resizing the image and adequately cropping the unnecessary edges
  • Adjusting the brightness and contrast so that the person’s face is clearly seen when printed
  • Doing away with unnecessary distractions and if possible remove backgrounds.
Editing The Photos and Funeral Programs with our designing tool.

Many may think that it is tough to edit an image. But in reality it isn’t so. You can make use of online tools or take help of free funeral program design ideas to go about it.

Making Use of Clip-arts

If time is really the essence for you and you cannot afford to spend much time in experimenting with design ideas, you can use already available clip-arts. Making use of clip-arts (or even other images) is one of the easiest ways to design a funeral pamphlet. Not only can you fill up the empty white spaces but also add to the visual essence of the design. They can be used to personalize your program. You can add an image of the deceased’s favorite color, flower or anything else that you think will depict the person’s likes. You can further make use of non-copyrighted images to fill in the borders, add a bookmark or a keepsake that the attendees can take home.

Highlighting Frames and Borders

One of the most overlooked aspects of funeral programs designs are the frames and borders. But their importance cannot be stressed enough. Frames and borders add dimension and give an extra design element to your design. If you look at any funeral design template online you will invariably see that there is a gracefully designed border. You need not bother with too much frills but make sure you have one that completes the overall design of the program. You can use online tools or photo image editing tools to add shadows, glows or bevels to your frames and borders. These are easy to make and can easily enhance the beauty of the program.

Texts and Fonts

Apart from images, clip arts, frames and borders, the next most important designing consideration are texts and fonts. You cannot have a funeral program filled only with images. You will need adequate text highlighting the deceased person’s lifetime achievements, memorable moments etc.  While you cannot have a long script that gets boring to read after a while, you cannot also have a very short write-up that hardly says anything. You must also pay attention to the tone used in the text – it cannot be too cheerful or casual. The next important thing to consider is the size of the text or the font size. You must use a font that is legible and not too fancy. You should also use a font size that can easily be read – something that’s not too small or big.

Other Design Ideas Worth Considering

Keeping in mind the above design tricks will be beneficial in designing a program single-handedly, there are a few other things that can enhance the design. You can use image watermark as a background of the template (where you can have the person’s face, or make a religious reference). You can also make use of flourishes or separators that can add a visual appeal. Remember that adequate use of white space adds to the readability of the text.

Funeral or memorial services must be well-planned. A successful service is one wherein everything is done adhering to a strict schedule. A program only ensures that this happens. The other advantage of a program is that you can easily tell everyone attending the service more about the person. A well-designed brochure or pamphlet can help you plan the service well in advance. Designing the program leaflet with the aid of online tutorials is a great idea. You can also get them easily printed without much hassle. Deliveries are normally made to your doorstep within a couple of days smoothening the entire process for you.

Our Funeral Program and Thank You Cards Templates

Designing funeral programs and Thank you cards aren’t difficult. Look out for some inspiration online and you can do it yourself!

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