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February 9, 2020




It’s indeed not an easy task to prepare a funeral program template being at a shocking psychological state of mind. However, it’s quite inevitable. There are certain programs available, though, to make things look easier in this regard. Specifically, these programs don’t make you stress much on your brain. Making a funeral program can be way simpler through these methods. In this context, MS Word would be the most suitable recommendation.

Needless is to say that MS Word is the most popular editor available for creating manual templates. It is perhaps the easiest option one can have as a word processor. Moreover, MS Word provides various templates to be used for creating funeral programs. One can prepare broachers through it and then have those printed. If wished, one may send the same direction over the web as well, through the mail.

Given below is a step-by-step guide for those interested in creating a funeral program using MS Word.

A Step-by-step Approach to Creating a Funeral Program in Word

The first step towards creating a funeral program using MS Word is to select the right template. In this context, the best recommendation would be to use the already available templates on Word.

Follow the Steps to Facilitate the Task talked Above.

  1. Open Microsoft Word, and then put a click on ‘File.’ Next, put a tap on the ‘New’ option. Those uninitiated, this ‘New’ icon moreover looks like a plain paper, one edge (right to be specific) of which is folded.
  2. Upon putting clicks, as mentioned above, it is going to make a pop-up window evident. The user has to select any of these simples. There are various categories available as well; those can be found at the left of the window appearing.
  3. You have to select anything or anyone between ‘Cards,’ ‘Flyers,’ or ‘Brochures.’ After selecting any one of these, you have to pick the type of template you would like to use.
  4. Now it’s time to provide your details and a picture. To do this, you have to put a click on the form or simply on the section provided for the content. You can fix the contents as per your requirements.
  5. Once the contents are prepared, simply save those and put those to be printed. You may take it through a drive as well to have the printout elsewhere.

In Case You Want to Have a Customized Program

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Those who want to customize the program further can go for downloading a template. The good news is that there are downloadable templates available for MS Word explicitly. In fact, there are various sites through which one can download these for free. It is recommended that one should check once whether the template is for MS Word. The advantage of this approach is that editing these templates is super easy.

It’s true that there are funeral templates available that can be edited through external editors as well. However, it is always advised that one should go with the funeral templates that can be attuned with MS Word. These are mostly downloadable; those who are not-so-tech-savvy can also find it a convenient option. One of the biggest advantages of templates compatible with MS Word is that it doesn’t have any constraint in terms of printers. In other words, these can be put for print through any printer.

While Going with Premium Templates

There are so many options one can find for funeral programs to be printed, available absolutely for free. Also, there are various premium options available; those involve some charges. One may go with those as well. But, on most occasions, these are not compatible with MS Word. Hence, it is important to check compatibility while opting for the premium ones.

To Create DIY Funeral Templates

As discussed above, there are various templates available online through which funeral programs can be made in word. However, there are some people who wish to prepare DIY funeral templates. They basically want to prepare it with greater emotional involvement. It is possible for someone to prepare the template all by own. On most occasions, Adobe Illustrator is recommended for creating such customized templates. Those who want the template to be compatible with MS Word are recommended to go with Microsoft Publisher.

At the same time, it is important to have it in mind that there are various sites those charge some amounts for using such DIY templates. Despite offering free-to-download templates, they still charge when someone comes with his own template. They charge even if you downloaded a free template from another source. There would be a lot of hassle in this way. The best recommendation to get things done is always to download a free MS Word compatible template.

Don’t Just Decide to See the Previews

There is no scarcity of freely available templates for creating a funeral program. These can be availed in various dimensions, shapes, and sizes. One may go with any of these. However, it is important to have it in mind that the details desired to be provided fit well within the template you choose. In this context, it is advised not just to have a preview and decide instantly.

It’s seen on most occasions that the shape shown trough preview is not exactly the same after it is downloaded. On many occasions, not every detail can be adjusted within the downloaded format. Hence, it is advised to download the template first and then check to ensure that it can contain every detail within it. This can be tried for websites offering free templates for funeral programs.

As evident, creating a funeral program in MS Word is not a tough task. Having free templates available, things have gone much more convenient these days. However, to avoid any kind of mistake, it is suggested to decide well about the things to be included. Starting from the images of the deceased person to the names of family members, every aspect should be checked well. The thing is, people often forget to add the names of some beloved friends of the deceased person on such occasions. To avoid any sort of flaws, it is highly advised that one must thoroughly check things prior to delving into designing.

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