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July 8, 2019




A funeral program is a brochure that is handed out to guests at the funeral or memorial service. The purpose of the funeral program is to share details of your loved one and highlight the events of the memorial service. 

People always ask “what do we put in the funeral program”?  Although there is no correct answer, here are some ideas to get you started: 

How to design the funeral program

Front Cover (1):

  • A heading such as “Celebration of Life” or “In Memory of”
  • Photo (usually a head shot) of your loved one
  • Full name (sometime nickname and maiden names)
  • Date of birth – Date of death
  • Dates and times of the memorial service, viewing and burial

Inside Left Page (2):

  • Photo(s)
  • Short biography
  • A favorite song, story, poem, or prayer
  • Letter from the family

Inside Right Page (3):

  • Opening Prayer
  • Eulogy
  • Song(s)
  • Sharing Memories
  • Closing Prayers
  • Thank you from the family

Back Cover (4):

  • Surviving family members
  • Thank you message from the family

Another important part of the funeral program is the theme or background. It could be a place that your loved one was connected to, or it could be something that your loved one enjoyed, like a rose, butterflies, sunrise or rainbow.  Choosing the correct theme creates a special feel that represents your loved one and makes the funeral program all the more special.

Although planning the funeral can feel overwhelming during this difficult time, we have found that the process of putting the funeral program together can be comforting as the family works together to get the photos together and share stories and memories.  It can also help the family plan the details for the memorial service and assign tasks for those involved.  Here at Funeral Printings we take great pride in working with all our customers to create a beautiful funeral program to cherish and to celebrate the live of your loved one.

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