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August 2, 2020




Since you are reading this post, at the very outset we would like to say sorry for the personal loss you have suffered. It is never easy to bid goodbye to a loved one and the memory of your deceased, the times that you spent together would be come as flashbacks in your mind right now. If we at Funeral Printings would be of any help to you during this testing time in your life, we would be proud of helping you in the smallest possible way.

We understand the kind of heavy heart you have while writing a Funeral Thank You Card. Right now this would be one of the toughest tasks at hand. While you would want to express your emotions and feelings in the best possible way to those who stood by you during this time and visited you during your mourning period, you are completely clueless on what to write. We shall help you with that in this post. You might also be wondering whom should you be sending these Thank You Cards. You can send them to everyone who have stood around you or helped you.

These include –

  1. Friends or colleagues who visited during the mourning period including those who sent letters or called you to express their solidarity and condolences
  2. People who brought or sent in the flowers.
  3. Any person or institution making contributions to the memorial of the deceased
  4. Pallbearers and musicians who helped you during the funeral
  5. Clergy or any other religious person who presided over the funeral
  6. People who helped in providing transportation, food or other necessary things during this period
  7. Everyone else who you think went out of their way to help you

You shouldn’t be too bothered about the text or how you offer your acknowledgment and rather focus on thanking people for their kind acts during this period. A general thank you card is good enough for acknowledging what they have done for you. Remember you aren’t obliged to send over a card to everyone and neither will people have such expectations from you. After all, everybody is aware of the kind of stress and pains people go through when they lose a loved one.

There isn’t a perfect Funeral Thank You Card

We all care to prepare those perfect Thank You Cards for other events in life but when it comes to bereavement, there isn’t any such thing as the ‘perfect card’. Your friends, colleagues, and others who had visited you called you or written to you after the tragic incident care more about your well-being than what you’d write in the Thank You card. If words aren’t pouring out you don’t need to bother as we have stock Thank You Card for you to send to those special people in your life. We also offer you an online design tool to create these cards in a few minutes. You don’t need to make this entire process stressful as no sensible person would take offense in the card you send them.

It’s Never Too Late To Send One

When should you send these Thank You cards? There isn’t an official time frame or in other words it’s never too late to send one. As people who print these cards we know that many of our clients have sent these cards several weeks, months or even after a year. It’s accepted that people take time to recover themselves from such personal losses. Now that you have regained your composure you can send start composing one. If considerable time has passed since the funeral you can acknowledge that in your message using wordings such as “I am sorry as it has taken me a while to thank you for your kindness….”

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What Should You Write in the Card?

If you have decided to write the card by yourself you should try and personalize in terms of the wordings you choose. You can choose to either opt for a single Thank You Card for all the recipients or create personalized ones for clergy, friends, and those who contributed to the memorial. The Thank You Card need not be too long but few sentences that come straight from your heart are enough to acknowledge all the help and support that you had received from the recipients. Typical Funeral Thank You Card has three sections –

  1. Opening Lines – For example – Thank you for the time you took out to attend [Name]’s funeral
  2. Follow Up Lines – For example – It meant me and the entire family lot to hear from you the stories you shared
  3. Closing Lines – For example – We should always remember your acts of kindness.

Depending on the person you addressing these cards to, you can change the text or write what is inside your heart. While we have mentioned the three sections that we see in most cards, you are free to write the way you want. This Thank You note should be short but it should be meaningful.

You can either use your own name and signature in the card or include your entire family where you end it with [Family Name] Family or family members of [Deceased Person’s Name]. You can alter these depending upon the recipient of your Card. It is also important to have the Full Name and other short names of the deceased clearly mentioned in the Thank You Card. This is especially important when you are sending these cards to people who didn’t know the deceased personally such as people who helped you during the funeral.

When you keep these in mind you will be able to create a Funeral Thank You card acknowledging the kindness, support and love you have received from people. As far as printing and designing these cards are concerned, you can leave it to us. We have been printing these cards for a long time and have built strong reputation for our integrity and professionalism. We take into note the emotional baggage you come with and help you in every possible way while printing these cards.

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