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June 16, 2020




Bidding goodbye to a loved one is never easy. As the memories of the person come to your mind in flashbacks you also need to start preparing for the funeral. This is never easy when you are overwhelmed with emotions. What makes it even tough is the time we are living in. The Covid-19 pandemic has put severe restrictions on our lives and as some people say ‘the world will never be the same place again’. As you start preparing for the funeral, you need to keep the pandemic in mind. It is time you keep your emotions aside and think about the safety of those attending the funeral, conducting it and also your family. Here are few things you need to keep in mind when you are preparing for a funeral in these times.

Talk to the Funeral Homes First

Before you start planning for the funeral it is important for you to get in touch with funeral home. There are several protocols that have been laid out due to the pandemic such as the number of people allowed during the funeral, wearing of PPE suits and physical contact with the departed person. You must strictly adhere to these protocols and not ask for any concessions. Strictly avoid everything that may put someone’s life at risk. Always remember funeral homes are overwhelmed at the moment, and they need more cooperation than ever before.

Keep the Invitation Count to a Minimum

In normal times you’d have loved maximum people to attend the funeral and share your grief. But the times are anything but normal and you need to prioritize safety above anything else. Your loved one may have left the earth in peace at home but you never know if one of your closes friends attending the funeral is an asymptomatic carrier who may end up infecting others. It is time to be practical and keep the invitation count to the minimum rather than regretting over your decision later.

Do Write Down the Safety Instructions in Funeral Program

Safety comes first and in today’s times it should be your topmost priority as you are planning to invite your friends and acquaintances to the funeral. Irrespective of the cause of death you will need to abide by certain protocols. If your loved one was tested positive for Covid-19 you need to take additional precautions for everyone’s safety.

You can use the funeral program to share the safety instructions with those attending the funeral such as the need to maintain physical distance, wearing of masks and gloves, uses of hand wash and sanitizers etc. These protocols tend to vary from one place to another and also when a person was tested Covid-19 positive. You can easily find these safety instructions from your local body or government’s website and print them in the program using a funeral program maker. This will ensure the attendees adhere to them and keep everyone safe.

Be Willing to Accept People not Attending the Funeral

As a society we are living through one of the most challenging moments in our life. Never before in recent memory has the world been through such a crisis where fear and paranoia have gripped our mind. News of death and infections are coming from everywhere and so are streams of misinformation and fake news. There are many who are refusing to step out of their homes due to the fear of virus. When you are inviting people to attend the upcoming funeral you are likely to come across several people turning down those invitations politely. Don’t take offense and appreciate people who are turning down your invitation fearing about their own safety and that of their loved ones.

Don’t Ignore Your Own Safety

A hug, a kiss and warm embrace is what all of us have grown up seeing when we attend a funeral. This is the perfect way of celebrating the life of a person who is no longer with us and also showing our support in the hour or grief. But such gestures can put your life at risk including others at home especially your kids and seniors. Avoid personal contact as much as possible or make sure you are wearing protective clothing that you dispose responsibly after the event is over. Keep sanitizing your hands regularly if you aren’t wearing gloves for the occasion.

Thank Those Who Attend

Although you should take no offense if someone politely declines your invitation to attend the funeral you should also express your thanks and gratitude towards those who attend it. This is where you can make use of the funeral program thank you cards creatively. You should go beyond the typical expression of thanks and gratitude as you see in traditional Thank You cards and mention how you’d always remember them braving themselves out of their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

To conclude times are tough and you need to be pragmatic if you have to arrange for a funeral in the time of a pandemic. Don’t let your emotions overrule your mind.

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